In this section you will find the novels that I have written and that you can find in the bookshops or which publication is guaranteed. Undoubtedly, it is possible that you may find SPOILERS in the text of the back cover, so if you haven’t read the books... Be careful!


Branko, the leader of the rebels, is already in Atlantis and, to win the population, organizes the first Atlatis Games: three dangerous proofs and only one winner. Everybody desires to participate to forget the bad times and celebrate peace… although early they will realize that the conflicts have not finished: the King Fedor IV has died without issue, and a power struggle has began to appoint the successor. Branko early becomes the best candidate, but the three Elected –Tristán, Sophia and Ibrahim- know that he is not the rightful successor…

Meanwhile, in the North of Spain, the life of Sebastián, a normal twentyish boy, moves an about-turn when he discovers in a mysterious letter that his real parents were assassinated a few after he was born and that he must return to his native land: the mysterious, impenetrable and magnificent Atlantis.


Montena (Spain)
Serie Infinita
9 of April of 2011
1st Edition
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