In this section you will find the novels that I have written and that you can find in the bookshops or which publication is guaranteed. Undoubtedly, it is possible that you may find SPOILERS in the text of the back cover, so if you haven’t read the books... Be careful!


To travel from one city to another is a great experience, you always live adventures or funny stories. And I don’t know why, but since we have superpowers it seems that villains go after us. Only three days have passed since we arrived to a new city when a strange surge of thefts began. First, it was the reproducer, an experimental invention capable of reproducing anything, then it was followed by the theft of a bank vault. Could the two thefts be related? Who could be the responsible? Sometimes, the villain is the person less expected... and he can be hidden very close to you.




Súper Fieras
11 de febrero de 2011
1ª Edición

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