In this section you will find the novels that I have written and that you can find in the bookshops or which publication is guaranteed. Undoubtedly, it is possible that you may find SPOILERS in the text of the back cover, so if you haven’t read the books... Be careful!


It was a quiet night, like other nights before. Until, suddenly, the calm stopped. The sky was lit up with brightness and a meteorite collided quite close to where we had camped. Believe me, since then, something changed in ourselves. Without knowing it, that meteorite conferred me and my team-mate supernatural powers that changed our lives forever. But, apparently, the radiation not only affected us. In the place where it impacted a giant crater was formed and a hundred ants were coming out from it. What am I saying? More than ants they were... ANTSAURS.




Súper Fieras
11 de febrero de 2011
1ª Edición

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