In this section you will find the novels that I have written and that you can find in the bookshops or which publication is guaranteed. Undoubtedly, it is possible that you may find SPOILERS in the text of the back cover, so if you haven’t read the books... Be careful!


Small towns in the coast usually are very calm but… SO MUCH? In the streets of that fishing town there wasn't a soul. Apparently, the meteorite which conferred us superpowers it wasn’t the only one that reached the Earth. Another meteorite had fallen close to the coast and a strange island seemed to come from nowhere. But if the island was strange, what tos ay about their inhabitants! We confronted the Captain Fishpirate and his terrible crew: giant fish with the size of an elephant that had terrify all the population.


Beascoa (Spain)
Súper Fieras
6 of May of 2011
1st Edition
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