In this section you will find the novels that I have written and that you can find in the bookshops or which publication is guaranteed. Undoubtedly, it is possible that you may find SPOILERS in the text of the back cover, so if you haven’t read the books... Be careful!


Welcome to the Great Senate of Hiddenwood where it is taking place a high-level meeting; seated at the table, the four most respectable wizards in the community: the sweet Cloris Pleseck, responsible for the Earth element; the venerable Magnus Gardelegen, responsible for the Water element; Mathilda Flessinga, in charge of the safeguard of Air element, and the suspicious and irascible Aureolus Pathfinder, protector of the Fire element.

The four are very worried because they have followed the clue of a boy from Quebec, Elliot Tomclyde, which seems to be blessed by magic powers. It is important to know which are his intentions and, above all, evaluate if it represents a threat.

While Elliot, ignoring all what its coming upon him, spends some holidays in a Summer camp that he will never forget...




Montena (SPAIN)
Serie Infinita
7 of April of 2006
4th Edition

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