I was born in Madrid the 13th of January of 1979 and I studied a degree in Business Administration and Management at the Universidad Pontificia Comillas - ICADE (2002). When I was 27 I managed to publish, hand in hand with Publishing company Montena, mi first novel: Elliot Tomclyde. As you can understand, I will always have very good memories of this book.

Mi case is, in short, the one of an ordinary guy that one day decides to take the initiative to write a novel and finishes publishing with success with one of the biggest publishing groups of our country which is Random House Mondadori. With Elliot Tomclyde I made my way through the literary world while the following volumes of the saga were published in the consecutive years, consolidating myself as a writer.

After five novels of Elliot, in 2010 it is time to change of scene and I will travel to a fantastic world with The Chronicles of Atlantis. Although innumerable novels have been written about the lost continent mentioned by Plato, this will be the first novel focus on the young public.

Also related to the literary world, though it is not exactly about writing, is my work as a lecturer. In September of 2008, I had the opportunity to give an inaugural lecture in the “Conference about school library and reading promotion”, in Almussafes (Valencia - Spain). As well, I have visited many schools in Spain, giving talks that help to promote reading and “that writer” that many have inside.

Finally, I will tell you something about my preferences. Obviously, the reading couldn’t be missed among them. I like to read novels of adventures, science-fiction, mystery, fantasy... I don’t have a book as model. Cinema is also one of my hobbies. As the reading, I like to see films of a similar kind. Sometimes, I practice some sports, like paddle and tennis, although I also enjoy a lot playing soccer and basketball. And, to come to an end, a relax and calm activity like the astronomy. What a shame because you can hardly enjoy the stars in the city!

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